Peeling facial Promotion

Have any peeling facial in March/April and take home an ampoule kit to prolong the facial!


Resurfacing Peeling Treatment 60min $130

Cosmeceutical skin peeling for intensive salon use. Loosens and eliminates dead skin cells, stimulating healthy cell renewal. A complete skin treatment to detoxify, rejuvenate re balance and oxygenate the skin. Helps fight the oxidising effects of stress, tabacco, pollution, and sun. Uses a Sothys unique blend of Glycolic and Salicylic acids and anti-oxidant cocktail. Skin is visibly clearer, smoother and brighter for a longer time.

Microdermabrasion ˆ 30 min $110

A manual machine exfoliation using aluminum oxide crystals to refine the skins texture. A popular technique for skin rejuvenation. Effective and with almost total absence of side effects. A closed vacuum system delivers the oxide crystals to the skin and whisks the tissue and crystals away to a sterile container. Stimulates new skin cell growth and collagen production leaving your skin feeling tighter and smoother. Consultation with our team is required to ascertain your skins suitability and treatment options for best results.

 Glysalac Clinical Line Facial ˆ 30-60 minutes $100-$130

Created by the Sothys USA laboratories, an intensive formulation of glycolic and salicylic acids at specific percentages and pH levels to give a safe, deep skin exfoliation. The full 60 minute facial combines the intensive Glysalac acid gel within a classical facial to not only intensify the results but restore balance. The 30 minute option is usually performed when doing the peeling treatments as a course.

Lactic Acid Facial ˆ 30-45 minutes $100-$130

Created by Sothys USA laboratories, a multi action peel combining lactic acid and cotton extracts to resurface the skin, boost cell renewal, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, pulling in hydration and stimulating natural collagen production. Great for aging or dry skin.