New Youth Creams

Learn all about the NEW Youth Creams from Sothys

  • These creams are adapted to each customer’s Fil de Vie ™.
  • At each stage:
    – A Preventative youth action for the signs of ageing.
    – A Treatment youth action to fight against the signs of ageing.
  • Five youth objectives for women who wish to keep their real age to themselves.
  • Protect the skin every day and visibly fight against the signs of ageing.
  • Each cream contains ßP3. Tri-complex saffron-sophora-peptides to protect the skin daily, as well as a pool of specific active ingredients to also target the signs of natural chronological ageing.

Want to learn more about each specific youth cream?
Click here, or come in to Tonic Spa and speak to one of our therapists and pick up one for yourself!