VUTAN - The Premium Australian Tanning brand . Proudly providing sulphate free, paraben free, cruelty free ingredients with EcoCert organics. Eniched with argon oil and plant extracts for their moisterisng qualities to ensure a smooth, even and longlasting tan.

Three Shades - light, medium and Dark. Going Dark will be the best option if you are traveling abroad, will be swimming or need the tan to last as long a possible

Three Tones - Red, violet or Green base options to give you the most natural colour - based on your usual skin tanning tones.

Spray Tanning ˆ $50
Professionally applied by our trained staff to produce an all over natural tan in as little as 15 minutes. Available for both body and face. You can also choose a half leg trial.

Best Preparation - ensure your skin is well exfoliated of dead, dry skin cells to ensure an even coverage and good absorption of the product. You can achieve this by using exfoliating mits or body exfoliating creams daily for 3 or 5 days prior to your tanning. After exfoliating use a quality moisteriser to hydate you skin cells so they will absorb and hold the tanning products well. Or why not try a professional body polsh.

Body Polish ˆ 30 min  $65
A professional body polish with exfoliating salts, sugar crystals and syrup performed by your therapists on our wet table. Can be done prior to tanning to sluff off dead skin cells allowing your skin to shine.

Best Maintainence - keep your skin hydrated with a quality moisteriser used daily. Prevent over use of body soaps especially ones with sulphates (as they are drying). After 5 - 7days begin gentle exfoliation again to remove you tan slowly and evenly.

 For long lasting results you can follow on with the COOLA tan lotion or tan mousse that will continue your lovely tan and keep it looking great longer!

Also we carry the whole SPF COOLA Range for all your body and face spf needs! Visit here to view the Coola Line - www.coolasuncare.co.nz