Infrared Sauna with Massage



Infrared Sauna with Massage

Infrared saunas use ceramic heaters that radiate a continuous infrared light/heat. This means it warms our body directly rather than having to warm the air first, much like the sun warming our body on a cold winter's day. Because of this major difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna, there is no need for very hot air that can cause respiratory problems and dizziness. Infrared only expends 20% of its energy on heating the air, 80% directly, and deeply warms the body. This means significantly cooler and more comfortable air temperatures.

Infrared has been researched and used in medical practices for over a hundred years. Sports medicine has long accepted and used infrared to promote healing of muscle and connective tissue injuries. An excellent way to detoxify the body.

Use the sauna before your massage.
ˆ 15 min = $19