Secrets de Sothys Face Treatment



Secrets de Sothys Face Treatment - 1 hr 30min (please allow 1hr 45mins) $275

Over time our skin ages through several biological and environmental processes: Glycation, prolonged stress, a reduction in its biological defence system and oxidation.

The Secrets de Sothys® Treatment elegantly and meticulously combines superior ingredients with a unique technique for the ultimate Treatment.  To address all of these significant factors that lead to skin aging, it’s a global approach that is both unique in delivery and at the absolute fore with regards to scientific know-how.

No less than 11 unique botanical concentrated formulas are used throughout the treatment in a methodical procedure that is as much about revealing skin youth but also the mind/body wellbeing.

Featuring an exclusive facial technique that is specific to Sothys, LiftoplastieTM, for an immediate skin plumping action and a BioCellulose mask to create a second-skin firmness.

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