Body Treatments

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Body Treatments

Specialized body treatments using intensive products for specific concerns. Usually involves showering or bathing in our purpose built wet room.

Body Polish ˆ 1 hr  $118
For a smooth, soft and more supple skin, finished with an application of delicately scented hydrating body milk.  Ideal preparation prior to any body massage or treatment (added to a treatment $69)

The Aromatic Body Buff and Massage ˆ 1½ hours  $179
A nourishing, softening and hydrating treatment for your whole body. Your body is first exfoliated and then anointed with lotions or butters and essential oils to enrich your skin.

Pro Youth Body  1 1/2 hours $185

This targeted 1-hour 30min treatment is both pleasurable to receive and highly effective from the first treatment. Beginning with a thorough exfoliation using the new Silhouette Exfoliant in preparation for the massage phase. Using the new Pro Youth Body Serum, the Therapist vigorously massages the body using specific Sothys ‘Digi-Esthetique’ Massage movements. These specific movements aid in deep penetration and stimulates micro circulation

The Art of Beauty ^ 1 1/2 hours $185
Like and exotic facial for your body. Involves a full body exfoliation followed by a massage with a rich melting serum and completed with a hydrating body mask over which an acupressure technique is used with a porcelain spoon. Very enriching and calming treatment. Also superb for an overexposed sunned skin or dry/dehydrated. Each product applied has it's own fragrance which when combined blend into one and become a fresh, exhilarating eu de cologne. This scent is available as a take home spray.

Balancing Facial and Full Body Massage ˆ 2 hours  $230
Relax and enjoy our most popular facial and massage to help restore balance to your body and mind.

Purifying Back Cleanse ^ 30mins $69
Exfoliation with seaweed extracts which eliminate impurities. Extraction of congestion is followed with a healing mask. Can also be applied to the chest area.