Permanent hair removal using the 'progressive blend' technique. This ensures that the treatments you receive will be controlled and performed with the least possible amount of

Electrolysis is still the most permanent treatment available for the removal of hair from the face, nipple area and tummy-line.

Although repeated sessions are usually required, hair will weaken and lighten
with each treatment.

A consultation of 15 minutes is required before the first treatment. During this consultation, we will plan the length of each treatment session, discuss a time frame for expected hair eradication and check for any contra-indications.

Only sterilized, disposable needles are used for your safety and hygiene.

Pre-treatment Consultation ˆ 15 minutes - $32 (Includes test patch)

15 minutes - $42 (minimum charge)

30 minutes - $61

45 minutes - $82

60 minutes - $97