Eyes and Lips

Eyes and Lips

Set off your eyes with a professional shape, tint or eyelash curl. Different shades are available to suit most hair colours. We also offer a bleaching service to lighten facial hair using salon quality beaching creams which reduce skin irritation.

Eyebrow shape or tint $25 / Eyebrow reshape or brow tint with facial $20

Eyebrow shape and tint $40/ Eyelash tint with facial $25

Eyelash tint with brow tint or shape $49

Eyelash tint with brow tint and shape $58

lip Bleach $25

Eyelash Curling $73  or Eyelash curling with tint $93

When booking eyelash curling for the first time we recommend a test patch prior or if you are  having  a repeat curling the price is $63 and with tint $83